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No event would be complete without a set of high-quality event LED screens and LED event signage. Having LED screens will elevate your event to the next level, and your guests will love being able to see everything your event has to offer in high definition up on the big screen. Whether it be a concert, festival or a sporting match, we provide event screens of all sizes to suit whatever style or type of event you’re running.

Concerts & Festivals

Make sure everyone can see the action happening on stage by including event LED screens as part of your concert or festival. Whether your festival or concert is large or small, we have the screen option for you. We have Queensland’s largest range of mounted trailer LED Screens and signs ideal for fast set up and pack down in the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Where a trailer option isn’t possible, we also have a range of truss build screens that are suitable for any sized event.

All our screens can play a variety of content sources such as a live broadcast feed, Digital TV, static slides or pre-recorded footage or movies. So, if a screen is a must-have for your concert or event, give us a call on 1300 839 688 to discuss which screen is best for you. SEE SOME OF OUR WORK HERE.

Sporting Events

When a big sporting event is on, whether it be the Melbourne Cup, State of Origin or the AFL grand final, it’s vital to get your venue or private get together prepared by having a large and high impact event screen to play the big game on. Everyone will love the high definition picture, sound quality, and size of our screens, ensuring they won’t miss a second of the action.

We have a huge range of trailer mounted big LED Screens for hire with super-fast setup and pack down. If a trailer mounted screen isn’t suitable for your venue, we also have truss build screens available up to 25m2 in size. Call us on 1300 839 688 to find out more. SEE SOME OF OUR WORK HERE.


Our event screens can be used for so much more than concerts, festivals and sporting matches. Here are a few other event types where LED event screen and LED sign hire is ideal:

  • Corporate conferences and seminars
  • Trade shows
  • VIP nights
  • Product launches
  • Outdoor movie screening
  • Award nights
  • Charity galas
  • Cultural events


We have five different screen varieties for you to choose from, each of which will seamlessly fit in with your event.

Vision – 4 Event Screens

  • Ideal for smaller events of 50 – 250 people
  • Fitted with high resolution P8 (8mm) Pixel Pitch LED’s
  • Suited to either static slides, camera to screen or broadcasting a television event or Movie.

Vision – 7 Event Screens

  • Ideal for smaller events of 50 – 500 people
  • Fitted with super bright P10 (10mm) Pixel Pitch LED’s
  • Ideally suited to either static slides, camera to screen or broadcasting a televised event.

Vision – 8 Event Screens

  • Ideal for larger events of 50 – 1000 people
  • Fitted with super bright P10 (10mm) Pixel Pitch LED’s
  • Suitable for static slides, camera to screen or broadcasting a televised event or movie.

Vision – 13 Event Screens

  • Ideal for larger events of 50 – 3000 people
  • Fitted with super bright P6.25 (6.25mm) Pixel Pitch LED’s
  • Can be used for static slides, camera to screen or broadcasting a televised event or movie.
  • Ideal for event information or as a scoreboard.

Vision – Truss Build

  • Ideal for larger events of 50 – 4000 people
  • Can be configured in a variety of pixel pitches to suit the application.
  • Perfect for your next concert, sporting event or movie night.
  • Can be set up as part screen, part information board or as a scoreboard.

Got Questions?

Call us on 1300 839 688 or send us a message for more information about our Events LED screens.

LED Event Signage and Scrolling LED Signs

Whether you need a sign displaying the name of your event, essential event information, or simply a fun image or a graphic loop to add a fun decorative element to the day, choose LED signage. LED signage is ideal for your event because it illuminates, which makes the signage easy to see at night time and in poor weather conditions. You also have the flexibility to choose and change what is displayed on the sign when necessary.

We also have a scrolling LED sign option. In our scrolling LED signs, text can remain static, or it can move or run across the screen to grab people’s attention. Scrolling LED signs are ideal for displaying short lines of text to give your guests key information or to point them in the right direction.

Outdoor Event LED Screen | Impact LED Screens

How to Choose the Right LED Screen for Your Event

Type of Media

When deciding which LED event signage and screens are right for you, keep both video streaming and event information signage in mind. While you may only be considering an LED event screen to play video for your event, don’t forget that static text signage may be necessary to help direct guests to where they’re supposed to be or to display important event information they need to know. All forms of media can be displayed on our screens including camera to screen setup, digital TV, DVD videos, sponsor slides or PowerPoint presentations.

Venue and Guest Numbers

If the LED event screen is a central part of your setup and will be used to display your primary event footage, consider the amount of space available paired with the number of people that will be attending. Read the recommended number of people under each screen description above to determine which option is right for you.

LED Screen Setup and Support

At Impact LED Screens, we transport the screens you’ve ordered to your desired location and set it up with optimal placement. We are more than happy to consult with you to determine ideal screen placement and ensure an optimal viewing experience for your guests or we can place the screen in any area you require, according to your directions.

Hire Event LED Screens from Impact LED Screens

If high impact visuals are a must for making your event experience a success, you can’t go past our team at Impact LED Screens. We are the ultimate destination for LED screens in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Our screens have very bright, high-resolution displays, and you can rely on us to transport and set up the LED event signage you’ve ordered as required.

When it comes to finding a screen that’s suitable for the outdoors and will display perfectly under full sun, LED is the clear winner. Head to our Contact us page to get in touch or call 1300 839 688.

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