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Trailer Advertising LED Screen displaying sale activation

Advertising Trailer Led Screen in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Australia 

Our Screens are super bright and perform even in full sun. With prices starting from as little as $70 per day, including full insurance and delivery. Why not get your message out to your local drive by traffic.

Nothing screams sale like one of our super bright Trailer Mounted LED Advertising Screens. With offices in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we can deliver a screen to you within hours to kick start your next sale, product activation or campaign. The screens are online 24/7  and are able to have there content changed as often as you would like. Content couldn’t be easier with the preferred format being regular JPEG slides’. Happy to work with your Marketing team to create fabulous attention seeking slides or we can create your slides for you for a nominal cost (usually $30 – $40 per slide). 

Advertising LED Trailer Screen displaying Surf Shop Activation


Also known as ‘digital billboards’, LED advertising screens are signs that use a collection of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) to display images or videos on-screen. Because each screen is made of different bulbs that can be controlled individually, you can display both static and dynamic images on LED screens Brisbane, giving you more options for displaying your ad.

LED advertising screens also produce brighter and clearer images than traditional billboards, making your ad more visible and attention-grabbing to your audience

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Few physical advertising tools are as cost-effective as LED advertising signs, especially when it comes to scaling your operations. LED billboards require minimal investment to get your message across to large groups of people. And unlike traditional billboards, there’s no printing or shipping costs involved if you want to set up multiple signs in different locations. LED advertising screens are also energy efficient, requiring less energy than standard bulbs and lights used in traditional billboards.


LED billboards offer perhaps the best visibility and clarity for billboards their size. LEDs are much brighter than traditional lights and bulbs, lighting your ad with greater clarity even at night and from long distances. By making your ad more visible – even at night – you’re more likely to grab people’s attention and communicate your message to your audience.

Dynamic Content

Unlike traditional billboards and signs that use only one image, LED billboards let you advertise in a variety of media formats. You can display both static and dynamic content on your LED billboard, letting you display photos, slides and moving images easily. With our LED advertising screen in Brisbane and Gold Coast, you can display more captivating content that will grab your audience’s attention more effectively.


LED advertising signs are incredibly versatile, giving you the ability to change your message quickly to suit your needs. You can change your ad display weekly, daily, or even hourly, providing unparalleled flexibility for billboard and sign advertising. The digital nature of LED billboards also means you can make changes to your ad at minimal cost (if any), making campaign changes easier and faster to do.


The ability of LED billboards to change your ad quickly and display different formats gives you supreme control over your branding and message. You can tailor your ad and craft your message to suit your needs for the moment, letting you switch levels in your marketing campaign to accommodate special events, promos or themes that pop up.

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Best-Value LED Advertising Screen in Brisbane and The Gold Coast

Boost your marketing campaign by using our outdoor LED billboards to display your ads more effectively to your consumers. We’ve tailored our LED signs Brisbane for business and commercial activities, giving you the tools you need to reach more people and spread your message clearly at key locations during the day and night.

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