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Make your ads stand out and spread your message more clearly by displaying them on LED advertising screens.

Go beyond traditional signs and advertise your sales promos with quality custom LED signs. These signs are eye-catching and visually appealing – just what you need to get people’s attention and provide your best deals. Whether you’re running a monthly promo or advertising the newest cars in your lot, these custom LED signs will get your message across effectively.

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Why Use LED Signs for Your Car Yard

Getting people’s attention while they’re driving or walking by can be difficult. But custom LED signs make this much easier. Not only do LED signs display your information more clearly than traditional signs and billboards, but they also increase your chances of having your ad seen. 

  • Eye-catching – With its bright lights and clear displays, custom LED signs Gold Coast often get noticed quickly. It interests most people enough to make them stop and look at what you’re displaying.


  • Fast installation and removal – LED signs are easy to install and set up. You can also turn them off easily when you’re not using them, unlike traditional signs that need manual removals.


  • Easily customisable – The beauty of LED screens Brisbane is that you can change and modify your ads quickly and easily. Put new ads, display new images, or make minor changes to your existing ad – all with just a few clicks.
  • Cost Effective – Most LED sign installations have a fixed cost that lets you display or advertise as much or as little you like. You can easily scale your advertisement up or down as you need.


  • Media Variety – You can use a wide range of media in custom LED signs, including images, text, videos, and animations. If your content is in a visual format, chances are you can display it on LED screens.


  • Tough and sturdy – LED signs Brisbane are built tough and designed to work in a variety of outdoor conditions and environments. These signs can handle being out on your car yard all day long.

Why Choose Impact LED Screens

Latest Technology

We use the latest LED screen technologies and keep up to date with emerging trends to ensure you’re getting the best screens for your money. LED technologies are constantly improving, and we make sure our clients have access to the latest advancements.


Impact LED is proudly among the most experienced LED screen specialists in Brisbane. There’s nothing more reassuring than working with experts who have installed and supplied quality LED signs to a variety of clients for years.


When it comes to custom LED Signs, you won’t find better LED experts than us. We live and breathe LED screens, and we’ve been providing LED signs to car yards across Brisbane and the Gold Coast for years. We’ll use this expertise to provide the right LED solution for you.

24/7 Support

We have a dedicated support team that can assist you with any issues or problems you’re having. Whether you need help operating your LED screen or need advice for its best use, our support team will always be just a phone call away.

Ready to Go

At Impact LED, we provide a “turnkey” service where we’ll set up everything you need for your screens to work. This includes any necessary council DA’s and documents. With Impact LED, we’ll take care of everything to get your LED sign working flawlessly.

Detail-Oriented Service

We take our job very seriously and go to great lengths to make sure you are happy with your screen and our service. We are known for our meticulous and detail-oriented service that ensures you’re getting your full money’s worth in your screens.

High-Quality LED Signs for Car Yards and Dealerships

If you’re looking for custom LED Signs Brisbane for your car dealership or car yard, Impact LED Screens is here to help. We are the ultimate destination for LED screens in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and we have supplied many car dealerships and car yards with high-quality LED signs on their lots.

Whether you need a temporary LED screen or a permanent installation in your car yard, we’ll make sure that you get the best LED sign for your money.

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