Digital Signage - Is it an Expense or Investment?

If you look at the advertising world, everybody is talking about digital signage. And, why not? It helps businesses reach new markets and expand, schedule events and streamline communication with the public. Apart from the apparent restaurants, cafes, fast-food joints and retailers, digital signage is now commonly used in educational institutions, offices and formal businesses. They are easy to install and invest in, offer personalised content to their target audience and attract a higher customer base. Moreover, it is a highly technological strategy to promote brand recognition, boost sales and retain customers.

Yet, some business owners have a hard time comparing digital advertising with print advertising – traditional options have lower initial hardware costs. However, its digital counterpart offers a far better return on investment (ROI). Business owners must consider the total cost of digital signage – content development, installation, service and upgrades. With LED message boards, you can experiment with state-of-the-art technology to take your business to new heights.

Digital Signage – Is it an Expense or Investment?


  • Easy installation

Most business owners simply consider the initial installation costs for LED signs Brisbane, including mounting brackets, displays, media players, software, cables, and software. Acquiring the mentioned hardware is expensive, which is why they resort to cheaper alternatives such as Chromecast system, chip display solutions and Android devices over specialised signage providers.

Though the lower initial costs seem tempting, low-cost alternatives are not the best to uphold your brand value. They fail quickly and have short warranties; however, you want options that have robust equipment and installations as constant replacements contribute to a higher ownership cost and wastage.

  • Targeted advertisements

Unlike print advertisements, businesses can create targeted advertisements for different screens and locations to promote communication. Digital signage allows you to update content according to the time, day or season. They instantly connect with your audience at a single place and on multiple mediums, such as using static advertisements in high-traffic zones where people cannot read the copy for long. GIFs and videos are better suited for more leisurely locations, as they can better connect with your brand.

  • Professional appearance

Unlike print advertising that fades over time, digital signage always remains fresh, attractive, and dynamic. Any graphic designing team can design high-quality advertisements – static, video, and animated – for your communication strategy. You can better engage with your customers by inviting them to your social media feed, which keeps your potential buyers informed at the same time.

  • Personalized content development

Though digital signage content depends on its outdoor or indoor placement, businesses must know the outdoor screens have high power costs and a durable chassis that withstands extreme weather conditions. They can be located in a busy zone, which means that they will need an adequate electricity supply. Businesses must maintain and upgrade content through an in-house team or by outsourcing them to advertising agencies. If you do not want to include advertisements on your screens, go for announcements, news, and other live feeds.

  • Quality service

LED screens in Brisbane must be maintained as well, mainly if the business uses low-cost equipment. Business owners must consider, will the equipment be returned to the central facility for its maintenance, or will a few checkups by a service technician be sufficient? Remember that if the brand does not communicate the right message to its audience at the right time, it will negatively impact its profits and return on investment.

  • No longterm expenses

Different commercial display providers have different subscription packages, some even lasting up to twenty years. Media players must be replaced regularly, and your team must upload fresh content to maximize the brand’s potential. Usually, vendors offer software, equipment purchase, and other upgrades – all of which must be discussed beforehand. Study your marketing strategies to see if your business needs long-term investment, and decide upon the equipment accordingly for the best impact.

Most of your equipment would be a one-time purchase, but you need to replace a few screens or hire a team to create your copy and advertisements. With the advent of digital advent, you will not have to throw away used material and save up on ink, paper, and other material.

  • Highly interactive

Static advertisements do not offer any special in terms of customer interaction, but digital interaction promises special discounts and limited-time offers using special codes. Other features such as live feed, social media interaction, and hashtags are different digitally exciting ways to keep up with your audience. Some companies have even used tablet technology, allowing people to touch their screens for a uniquely interactive experience.

  • Time and costefficient

As we have mentioned in the first few points, you will save tons of money from not replacing print advertisements on bulletin boards and chalkboards. All you need is a few clicks, and you will have your content up in a high-traffic zone with little investment.

That is not all; digital signage saves time as well. You can modify or replace content in fifteen minutes without sifting through previous material or making mistakes. Also, you do not have to do this for all locations – one click will change all the content across multiple sites.


Now that you know a great deal about digital signage, the real question is – is it worth all the investment? We say yes, for the costs far outweigh the benefits. If you are looking for digital signage in Brisbane, please meet us at Impact LED Screens.