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How to Create Effective Outdoor LED Signs that Convey the Right Message

An effective LED signage is not simply about bright colors, exciting fonts, and out-of-the-box graphics. It is another form of advertising beyond the traditional print, digital, and OOH varieties. A lot of planning, creating, and executing goes behind developing a single indoor and outdoor LED signs – and an entire team works to make it a grand success.

How to Create Effective Outdoor LED Signs that Convey the Right Message

As more organizations adopt digital signage displays for communication, we have to consider several aspects that differentiate something poorly executed and simply eye-catching. Today, digital signage is commonly used in house resale, restaurants, cinemas, museums, transportation systems, entertainment spots, retail stores, corporate buildings, hotels, and more. Over time, the focus has shifted from simply content and delivery to their impact, location, interactive quality, readability, visual appeal, and resistance to poor weather conditions.

  • Bright and contrasting colours

High-contrast colours and images are visible at a considerable distance, gain more attention and stay in people’s minds long after passing the signage. Work with contrasting colours for crisp messaging, add pop to the signage, and make it simple to read by passers-by in their vehicles. Clean and crisp fonts promote legibility, so experiment with varying weights, such as regular, bold, extended, and black. A ‘sentence case’ lettering is more visible over capital letters and always uses one font to maintain the audience’s interest.

  • Location

Place the LED message board at the right place to generate effective results and maximize exposure without getting obstructed by buildings, other signs, or trees. Choose somewhere near a busy street where people can see it all the time, either walking or driving by. Install the LED display from a height as it reaches more people and increases foot traffic as well as ROI. Keep it away from direct sunlight, but install it under an awning or high-quality protective glass in high-traffic zones.

  • Right content length

The objective of the outdoor LED signs are to attract instant attention, making the content simple, concise, meaningful. Use five-word headings at the most, remove extra words, and double-check for spelling and grammatical errors. Avoid abbreviations unless they are universally known. Otherwise, it will just slow down the reading speed.

  • White space

Leave plenty of space around the text and graphics. Otherwise, it will look cluttered. As a rule of thumb, leave thirty to forty percent of the display empty to give out an easy-going ambiance. According to research, more space and less text work better than a bunch of colours, fancy colours, and graphics. Work with an experienced graphic designer to see how objects and text can be shifted to create maximum white space.

  • Creativity

Custom LED signs create brand awareness, which is why you need eye-catching headings and content. The audience wants something beyond the regular scope. Create something extraordinary, experiment with copy and graphics, use all forms of advertising possible, and much more to attract the audience’s attention and interest. Integrate urgency into your content by talking about limited stock and time, advertising future events, and special discounts for early customers.

  • Gain a competitive advantage

Explain why your services are better than those offered by your competitors through ratings, testimonies, and creating an immersive experience. Personalize the content and make it all about them, but ensure that they follow your company’s values, ethics, and objectives. Use pop culture, relevant phrases, and quotes to raise awareness about your services, products, or events. Much of the urban audience would relate your brand to such content, which would effectively communicate the message.

  • Weather-resistance

Generally, LED signage does not work correctly in harsh sunlight and high humidity, which is why you must look for water and humid-resistant solutions. Indoor monitor displays must not be installed outside, so always use outdoor LED displays that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Moreover, use protective glass that automatically keeps any untoward moisture away.

Now that you know the crucial pointers needed to create the perfect LED display start working on it. If you are looking for advice on LED signs in Brisbane, meet us at Impact LED Screens.