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Points to Consider Before Buying an Outdoor LED Display Screen

Outdoor LED signs have become an essential tool for marketing. Today, LED displays are widely used by various businesses to attract the attention of potential customers. They are widely installed in shops and retail outlets to add eye grabbing attention and leave a lasting impression on the customers. LED signs can be effectively utilized to convey the message of the brand or to announce a sale or retail event in store. Outdoor LED screens have the technological advantages to lift the austetics of any business, draw the eye of the consumer and make offers pop.

Points to Consider Before Buying an Outdoor LED Display Screen

For businesses, there are several ways that one can adopt LED technology to drive customer visits and boost sales. LED displays are cost-effective, durable, and low maintenance. In this blog, we discuss the top tips to remember when you plan your purchase of an outdoor LED display screen. 

1. Waterproof LED display screen
If you plan to install your LED display screen outdoors, then you must opt for a waterproof LED display screen. It has many advantages over traditional LED display screens, which are vulnerable to water contact. A waterproof LED screen offers the most versatility with its operation. You
don’t even need to worry about the weather outside, as the screen will run happily no matter what mother nature throws at it.

The waterproof features of the outdoor LED screens prevent any kind of water or liquid damage when the LED screens are in use outdoors, this means they are excellent for portable trailer mounted use for example.

2. Weather tolerance report
It is critical to understand the technical terms used when describing water tolerance of LED Screens. The common rating method is what is referred to as the screens IP Rating. We will discuss this in depth in a future blog but basically it states the ingress protection rating for both solid particles (Think Dust & Sand) and water particles. This measure can be confusing if you are not familiar with it and will likely be different for the front and the rear of the LED Display.

We see many LED Displays which are installed incorrectly and aren’t fit for purpose as there IP Rating isn’t appropriate for the installed location.

3. Remote control and automatic features
When planning to buy an outdoor LED screen, it is important to check out the remote control functionality and the automatic features of the product. This will help you determine the kind of flexibility in operations you can expect from the product when it is finally installed. The remote- control features allow you real time control of the screen and can do everything from basic reporting on the screen operation, to brightness adjustment and of course remote publishing of content which is vital when the screen is operating on a remote location.

Automatic features are the best with the quality LED Displays being able to even detect the real time environment and make suttle change to the screen. A good example of this is brightness where the screen will make light samples many times a minute and average the reading, it will then make a brightness change based of the light present at the time.

This is very important when the screen is being viewed by potential customers, an overly bright or a very dull screen will have exactly the opposite effect that is intended..

4. Easy maintenance installation
Portable Trailer Mounted LED screens are very easy to install. Within a few minutes, you can quickly have your LED Screen set up. You don’t need to have a thorough knowledge of the equipment to be able to install it.

Similarly, LED screens are very easy to maintain. Especially the ones that are waterproof and made for outdoor use.

Therefore, opt for LED screens that are easy to maintain and don’t need expensive repairs. Check out the features of the LED screens in detail before making your final purchase. If your plan to install the LED screen outdoors, opting for a waterproof LED screen is an essential option.

When you install an LED Advertising screen outside your shop or commercial premises, they are the first thing that your audience notices about your business. This gives you eye catching visibility and allows your LED signs to be visible from a considerable distance. Illuminated LED displays and
signs help you draw the attention of the audience towards your store. They simply invite more customers and also keep them engaged with the business. You can use the LED displays to highlight your new business or to showcase your special offerings.

Once your customers know that you have installed a LED signboard that displays special offers and products etc, they will be more eager to regularly view the LED signs content at your store to learn about the new arrivals and other offers. This helps to build a connection with the audience and
ensure repeat visits by customers to the store, which ultimately boosts your business.

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