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Secret Ways to Promote Your Business With Outdoor LED Signs

Are you looking for a tried-and-tested strategy to build brand awareness for your new or existing business? You are looking for something vibrant, dynamic, and eye-catching that is highly visible from long distances, attracts customers, and converts leads into sales. People are bored with traditional media and internet campaigns, while hoardings need to be extraordinary if you want them to be noticed.

Digital signage offers retailers several business opportunities to establish their brand in the market, communicate messages, boost customer engagement and increase sales. People have used advertising for business promotions for decades, but technology has certainly advanced platforms and techniques.


Secret Ways to Promote Your Business With Outdoor LED Signs


Here is how you can engage LED signage to give a new spin to your business:

  • Storefront promotions

LED advertising screens are hugely popular in highly-populated centers such as shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, retail shops, and hotels. Outdoor storefront LED displays bring in about 50 percent to 70 percent more traffic, which benefits your business in the long run. If you can, you should incorporate animations, videos, and graphics to keep your audience engaged.

Using common colors, font, logo, and style create an easily-recognizable and consistent brand identity, which can be used across several locations. This also saves on unnecessary costs and brings in good business as well.

  • Impactful messages

If you have an event coming up, programmable LED signs garner customer attention due to color graphics, high picture quality, and catchy slogans even in the daylight. They are particularly important in the entertainment industry, but are equally used in retail, businesses, and entrepreneurship for social gatherings, sports grounds, product displays, and concerts. LED signage interacts directly with the customer through appealing graphics, copy, and content. The right representation impacts your branding and sales if done the right way.

  • Reliable brand advertising

As we have mentioned above, people want something more than print media, internet campaigns, and email marketing. LED displays generate quantifiable results as they boost footfall traffic and engagement with the brand’s physical location. They are used to promote product and service displays so that customers are motivated to try them out. LED signage gives them a striking visual appearance, and engages with the customers to achieve great results.

  • Cost-efficient, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance

LCD screens require regular maintenance, as they come with bulbs that tend to damage easily and are expensive to repair. LED billboards can be left out in the open for several months together, but not cost you a single extra penny. They can withstand weather changes and can be further protected from environmental damage with special cabinets. Due to their long-lasting nature, they are preferred brands for huge marketing campaigns.

Today, people prefer brands that use eco-friendly techniques to advertise their services. LED screens consume 80 percent of electricity as compared to traditional fluorescent lighting. They decrease greenhouse gas emissions, use toxic-free materials, are recyclable, and do not overwhelm power plants.

  •       Easy installation

Unlike traditional billboards and hoardings, installing LED screens does not need professional help. All you need to do is to install a screen at prime locations, have a great marketing campaign at hand, and enjoy great results. You can also move around LED screens wherever you want, which is difficult with traditional LCD screens.

  •        Adapting to the market

Unlike traditional outdoor media that are not always relevant to the quickly-changing market, LED outdoor signs increase foot traffic and impress potential buyers. Brands can change graphics and content as per market trends without extra costs and on short notice, from and across different locations. 

  •       Schedule digital messages for special occasions

The brand must always have optimum control over its campaigns, especially when you have events or sales coming up. Custom LED signs to let you schedule the date and time for your message to newsflash at the right time, which is particularly helpful in the case of countdowns. You will not have to tamper with the coding, it will be automatically done. Thus, you can target a different kind of audience at certain times.

Therefore, LED screens are one of the best things that you can give your business for impactful brand awareness and marketing. If you are looking for agencies that provide outdoor LED signs, reach out to us Impact LED Screens.